If you don’t want certificate then you may simply join any webinar from joining links sent to you at the time of course registration. But if you want certificate then you should follow below instructions:

  1. You have to be registered in the course
  2. If course include series of Modules then you have to attend all Modules as we will issue certificate of complete course and we will not issue certificate of individual modules
  3. To prove your attendance, you have to claim your certificate by entering Certificate Claim Code (CCC) by login into your account http://www.webinars.pk/my-account/ and go to Unattended Courses Tab. This Certificate Claim Code (CCC) will be announced by our trainer/moderator during session. You have to note down this code and after end of the session you should enter this code by login to your account and go to Unattended Courses Tab. If you enter correct CCC then this course will be shifted to Attended Courses Tab.
  4. You should follow above steps for all modules.

Please note, our main focus is to provide you knowledge and certificates are secondary motive. We don’t want to become certificate distribution factory. So we will strictly follow our above guidelines. We also request you to focus on getting knowledge first as only certificates without knowledge is of no use.

If require any clarification please contact us.