Islamic Banking

Webinar to Teach you about Introduction and Governance Structure of Islamic Banking in Pakistan


Islamic Banking

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Webinar Overview:

Webinar to Teach you about Introduction and Governance Structure of Islamic Banking in Pakistan


Webinar Contents:


  • Governance Structure in Islamic Finance
  • Islamic Banking in Pakistan
  • Introduction to Islamic Finance
  • Difference between Islamic & Conventional Finance

Certificate Instructions:

Certificate of Participation will be awarded to the registered participants who attend this complete course.

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Main Trainer

32 thoughts on “Islamic Banking

  1. Adnan Akram says:

    I appreciate your efforts on arranging such a great webinar series.

  2. Pooja Pohwani says:

    Very informative session. It was great attending this session


    Very knowledgeable session

  4. Tooba Zubair says:


  5. ABDUL KALAM says:


  6. waris ali rehmani says:

    the session was fantastic

  7. Faisal majeed awan says:

    its very intrsteng and knowledgable

  8. Muzamil says:

    Certificate shwo nhi ho rha
    Cc cod accepte ho chuka hy

  9. Sajid ali says:

    Thanks for certificate and it’s a very informative session for me and I have question that how can get this certificate in hard becouse it is not open here pls do guide me

  10. Miandad says:

    Sir can i get slide share

  11. Sidra Rafique says:

    It was interesting and informative.

  12. Zahid Ali says:

    Very interesting and knowledgable workshop

  13. Sidra Rafique says:

    It was interesting and informative, thank you sir

  14. Muhammad Farrukh says:

    Superb effort Keep it up Guys

  15. Ibrar Ahmad says:

    Indeed, it was such an Informative & knowledgeable session session for us to understand the basics of Islamic Banking in Pakistan & its governance structure.

  16. Waqas Ahmed says:

    good experience

  17. Mushtaq Ahmed says:

    Sir , how to download certificate .

  18. Muhammad Banaras says:


  19. Faisal Waqar says:

    It’s a good course in which in information regarding conventional banking as well Islamic banking was included.

  20. SAIF UR REHMAN says:

    Great Work…

  21. Nabil says:

    Extraordinary best course given by trainer

  22. Safdar Rasool says:

    I m thankful to Webinars for arranged a informative course for us to increase information regarding shariah system in banks,we are got uncountable information after took place this session, now we are able to differentiate btw the halal and haram in bank’s system and we are able to fight against the riba system in pakistan’s financial institution ,as well the we trained in great things according shariah principles such as how we can make contract , which contracts are void , types of partnership etc one again i m thankful to you (webinars’s management staff).

  23. Hafiz Mudassir Ali says:


  24. Ali Malik says:

    Informative Session

  25. Nasir Hussain says:

    Its a great efforts from for every one to give a opportunity to learn online and i wish to webinars team to keep it up for the best and I am also a Senior Consultant if webinars team can want’s my services for corporate side specially capital market shares related so i am available

    1. ali says:

      May you please share your profile to

    2. ali says:

      Thanks for appreciation. It means a lot.

  26. Naveed Ahmed says:

    very useful and informative session

    1. ali says:

      Thanks for your feedback

  27. Waleed rizvi says:

    amazing day

  28. Muhammad Salman Iqbal says:

    This was very informative session. Hopefully you will arrange session about accounting treatment in islamic banking.


  29. Mehreen Irfan says:

    informatics lecture

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